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Take the time for yourself everyday. Connect with the earth, the soul and the mind to truly discover your truth. As we go along, we can experience blockage, triggers and events that hold us back from our true purpose. As a healer, I am here to help you get past the bumps in the road and move forward towards your higher self. What could your life look like without fear, judgement or boundaries that your inner self has set in place to stop you from succeeding? You CAN do it and I will help you get there. Click on the links below to learn about the healing services I have to offer. 


See what others are saying:

This has been the single most effective healing session I’ve ever had in my life. I’ve found it challenging to find a therapist that I can go deep with, because I’ve studied psychology and spiritual development for about 10 years. And I can say, of all the techniques, books, workshops, and healers I’ve ever worked with, Jourdan has been the SINGLE MOST EFFECTIVE AND BEST experience I’ve ever had!!

I can hardly sing her praises loud enough. It’s been a couple weeks from our session, and I can positively say I’m transformed from my hypnotherapy session with Jourdan. I left with so much peace; and it’s stayed with me. There has been a tangible shift in my perception of self, expectations, priorities, and outlook on life. I can only imagine how good life is going to get from working with her regularly! Just one session COMPLETELY UPLEVELED MY LIFE.

The set, setting, space, and presence Jourdan holds is incredible. She has this angelic, calming energy that made me feel so safe. I was never hesitant to be vulnerable because of how trusting I feel with her. Her ability to guide an organically unfolding and unique experience is so specific and in-tune to you from start to finish. She is truly one of the most skilled healers I’ve ever met. This was the best thing I could have ever done to invest in myself and upgrade the quality of my life. More than anything I’ve ever encountered, Jourdan’s hypnotherapy is the best! Thank you Jourdan for helping me unlock the secrets of success, happiness, and balance within myself!

Sitara I. Los Angeles, CA

Before working with Jourdan, I didn’t believe in any of this stuff. However, working in the fast-paced video gaming industry, I needed to get my life back after struggling with anxiety and major OCD. It was holding me back in all areas of my life, not only at work, but including having close relationships with others. 

I now do weekly Hypnotherapy and tapping sessions over the phone with Jourdan and they have impacted my life in ways I can’t even begin to describe. One of the major wins is that I got my confidence back and am now comfortable with public speaking at meetings in the office. That would have NEVER happened without doing the subconscious work!!

Jourdan’s Reiki is amazing too. She integrates it into every session – it is extremely relaxing and feels like an energy shower for your spirit. I sleep better whenever I experience Reiki. 

I can’t recommend Jourdan and her services enough. She truly integrates all that she’s learned over the years and is an angel of sorts – she’s got this divine magical energy about her. I feel very blessed for us to have crossed paths and will continue working with and referring people to her because I believe in what she does. Thanks Jourdan!

~ Pierre G. Santa Monica, CA

I quit Smoking years ago and started again for fun while traveling… but what started as fun, evolved into a unhealthy habit which I brought back home. In order to stop smoking again and cure the urge once and for all I stared Hypnotherapy with Jourdan. Even though our session was only via Phone since we’re located worlds apart (I am located in Germany and she is in Los Angeles) it worked wonders! I am smoke-free since more than 7 months now (and counting), saved tons of money, feel way more alive and can now be a better role model for my clients. 

During her hypnosis process, we didn’t even work too much on smoking itself, since smoking can be only the symptom and not the root cause. Side note: never before have I felt that level of oneness and connection to myself that I felt during the process… what an Amazing experience on top of the results I wanted! To stop smoking once and for all was definitely integral on my way to live my best life – how you do anything is how you do everything – don’t let your impulses run your life but learn to master your mind and destiny. Thanks Jourdan for all you do! 

~ Niklas E. Ratingen, Germany

As a 20 year smoker, I was very skeptical on whether hypnotherapy could help me quit. Over our 2 hour session, Jourdan educated me on the effects of smoking, the benefits of smoking, and the process she was going to take me through to quit smoking. Once our session was over I felt very alert and clear minded. I still wasn’t sure how effective the session had been because there was no earth shattering moment where I felt a change. I went home and the day turned into night. I knew my triggers were about to arrive. My mind thought of a cigarette… but there was no urge to smoke. I had a glass of wine and still nothing. A friend visited and she began to smoke and I still had no compulsion. The next day I woke up at 5am and started to get ready for the day. Dropped the kids off at school and went for a walk. 

It’s now been 3 months and I STILL don’t feel like smoking and can surround myself with smokers and not want one. My walks and exercise routine has increased. I walk and run almost 1 hour a day. My diet has changed and I eat healthier. Since I stopped smoking I have lost 12 lbs! It’s nothing short of a miracle. This was probably the best deal of my life. I am eternally thankful to Jourdan for giving my life back. No more stinky clothes and feeling ashamed of my bad habit. I have a great sense of well being and I feel very positive about my health and future. Most importantly I feel great about getting older and giving my kids a healthier and happier mother. 

~ Sharmini K. Beverly Hills, CA

I had my first session the other day for Hypnotherapy, and let me just tell you it’s life changing. Truly is. I’m a person who is pretty confident and has most of his shit together. But this hypnosis experience lead me to my final pieces of being whole. It was truly enlightening to see how quickly you can change within yourself. It’s a 10/10 hands down. 

~ Matt K. Memphis, TN

As I entered hypnosis, this sensation of opening a new door swept through my entire body. In addition to feeling the meditative benefits of this process, I was also surprised by how much I was able to release within my subconscious self. With an array of visuals included, all my doubts, fears, and concerns were completely exposed and as a result, no longer harbored any powers or dictated my body or thoughts. 

I came out of my session with a new profound level of confidence, clarity, and determination. Though I still take everyday step by step, I no longer do it feeling like I’m carry any weight of my past or the world on my shoulders. I am so happy I gave this experience a shot and can’t wait to come back for more. Thank you Jourdan for utilizing your amazing talents, my heart and mind are officially realigned 🙂 

~ Jenny D. Los Angeles, CA


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Jourdan Rystrom creates a new genre called Pop-Conscious with her debut hit single “Dead Sober”.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. She’s created a movement around the song called #DeadSober: Share Your Story. The moral of the song talks about feeling everything no matter what, even in the face of addiction and self-sabotage – something the world desperately needs to hear at this time. Jourdan will be 3 years sober this November and hopes to inspire others to heal through her soul-filled music and inspirational speaking. 

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