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Take the time for yourself everyday. Connect with the earth, the soul and the mind to truly discover your truth. As we go along, we can experience blockage, triggers and events that hold us back from our true purpose. As a healer, I am here to help you get past the bumps in the road and move forward towards your higher self. What could your life look like without fear, judgement or boundaries that your inner self has set in place to stop you from succeeding? You CAN do it and I will help you get there. Click on the links below to learn about the healing services I have to offer. 


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Jourdan’s reiki, crystal healing and hypnosis are powerful and effective! She channeled exactly what I needed. My business is growing and life is good!

~ Sara M. Louisa, VA

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All I have to say is WOW. Jourdan Rystrom is the real deal. Not only she is a legit hypnotherapist, but her warm and welcoming method of integrating music therapy, crystals, Reiki and essential oils… will have a transformative experience on you

~ Joel W. Los Angeles, CA


Jourdan Rystrom creates a new genre called Pop-Conscious with her debut hit single “Dead Sober”.

It’s unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. She’s created a movement around the song called #DeadSober: Share Your Story. The moral of the song talks about feeling everything no matter what, even in the face of addiction and self-sabotage – something the world desperately needs to hear at this time. Jourdan will be 3 years sober this November and hopes to inspire others to heal through her soul-filled music and inspirational speaking. 

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Inhale Light Exhale Peace

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